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with Limitless Physio

Brisbane, Queensland


Alignment ~ Stability ~ Mobility the key themes of Limitless Physio. Alignment of your body, Stability for your joints and

Mobility for life. Pilates perfectly captures these concepts so you can live, move and be Limitless.

Private & Group Classes available.

Contact us for Class Times.


Limitless Physiotherapists are passionate indivduals who care about finding out WHY you have pain, what makes it feel better and then TEACH YOU how to prevent it from coming back. We are all registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulator Agency.


Limitless Physio is always out & about teaching others how to live, move and be Limitless. We are active participants in local CrossFit boxes, Basketball Queensland, Pilates studios, Yoga retreats, fun runs and Sunday morning hikes.


Limitless Physio Steph, is more commonly known as "The Crazy Canadian". She brings a holistic approach to every treatment and recognises the entire body must work together. 

Steph is always attending Professional Development courses to expand her knowledge, deliver better treatments and nourish her passion for learning. 


What does it mean to be Limitless?

Being Limitless is a choice. 

Pain is your body's way of telling you that you are doing something it doesn't like.

Limitless Physios  figure out what you are doing creatively to make your body grumpy and then we teach you what to do instead.


Our Principal Physiotherapist,

Steph Kerr

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